Imperial Republic of Denbar


Construction on Denbar began the first day I had Minecraft, in April 2012.  The first structure I built was a small castle on an intense bit of mountain.  It grew and grew and grew until it became what is now Cair Denbar, the home of the Emperor.  What started as a small castle, is now a massive castle complex that spans three adjacent mountaintops.  A small village that started north of the castle has now become my largest single build, Imperial City. It includes the Cair Denbar complex, a massive Cathedral, marketplace, harbor, and an ever-growing Skyport (my world has airships).

Originally Denbar started as a small Kingdom based around Cair Denbar, but it kept expanding.  As I built more locations, I kept adding them in.  Currently, the Imperial Republic of Denbar includes six Provinces, most of which began as kingdoms or city-states of their own, and slowly joined into the growing Empire.

The Imperial Republic is ruled by a combination of an Emperor, and an Imperial Senate, made up of representatives from each City.

Flags of the Imperial Republic
(Top: L to R) Imperial Republic Flag, House Stoneloft
(Bottom: L to R) Imperial City, The Deep, Pelagrir, Borean Landing, Agrazahn, Graycleft, Southron, Zaldrin