Imperial Republic of Denbar

Construction on Denbar began the first day I had Minecraft, in April 2012.  The first structure I built was a small castle on an intense bit of mountain.  It grew and grew and grew until it became what is now Cair Denbar, the home of the Emperor.  What started as a small castle, is now a massive castle complex that spans three adjacent mountaintops.  A small village that started north of the castle has now become my largest single build, Imperial City. It includes the Cair Denbar complex, a massive Cathedral, marketplace, harbor, and an ever-growing Skyport (my world has airships).

Originally Denbar started as a small Kingdom based around Cair Denbar, but it kept expanding.  As I built more locations, I kept adding them in.  Currently, the Imperial Republic of Denbar includes six Provinces, most of which began as kingdoms or city-states of their own, and slowly joined into the growing Empire.

The Imperial Republic is ruled by a combination of an Emperor, and an Imperial Senate, made up of representatives from each City.

Flags of the Imperial Republic
(L to R) West Province, South Province, North Province, Imperial Flag,
Central Province, Desert Province, East Province