Denbar: North Province



The North Province began as my first two fully-planned cities.  Both Pelagrir and Borean Landing were fully planned, laid out, and built.  This gives them a different feel than some of my more organic cities, that have grown over time.

Pelagrir was built as a port city, with both a large harbor and a sprawling skyport.  Borean Landing is a spread out city centered around a large holy mountain. Cranefield was built as my second large farming community, and it has every type of veggie farm one can have.  The final village, Gulchbottom, is a small place built into a tiny ravine with a big waterfall.


The North Province began as two independent city-states, Pelagrir and Borean Landing.  They eventually joined with the small Kingdom of Denbar to form the first version of the Empire. Pelagrir and Borean Landing are large, walled cities, while Cranefield is a small farming village, and Gulchbottom is a tiny village in a ravine.

Pelagrir was founded by an offshoot of the Denbarian Royal Family, and they have a Royal Castle there (Cair Pelagrir).  Pelagrir is another city of wizards, and is home to the builders of the world’s airships.  Borean Landing is centered around the Holy Mountain, a mountain sacred to the followers of the Church of the Creator.