Denbar: East Province



Zaldrin is a dense city built into a natural crater-like feature created by two intersecting mountains.  At the top of the mountain is a large, imposing keep constructed out of netherbrick – The Dark Keep.


Zaldrin is the home of the Dark Elves & dark magic, mostly frowned upon by the other Wizards.  Located in Zaldrin is the Dark Magic Society, a haven for dark wizards.  Deep below the Dark Keep there is a hidden wellspring of dark power that the keep was built to protect.

Zaldrin was the last kingdom to join the Empire as a Province. The city is unique, in that it has no direct connection points.  All travel points to this province connect to Westron and Eastron, and then you travel a road to one Zaldrin’s City Gates.  It is the most defendable city in the Empire.