Denbar: Desert Province



The Desert Province is the second oldest location in Alpha.  Agrazahn was first place I built after constructing the original Cair Denbar.  It started out as a small trading post straddling a desert river, with a large natural rock outcropping and a natural cavern.  The outcropping now has the Temple Complex sitting atop it, and the cavern is the Great Bazaar.

The area has been continually developed since April 2012, as Agrazahn has expanded several times.  The desert eventually gained two port towns, Port Harbor on the small sea connected to Imperial City, and Dresden Point on the Western Sea, more to the north.  I also incorporated two NPC villages that were nearby, with some minor updates.


Agrazahn was settled long, long ago at a crossing of trade routes in the Great Desert.  It quickly grew into a sprawling city, with a massive skytower and a large bazaar. It is the cross-roads of the known world.

The Desert Province is ruled by the Desert Sultan from his Palace in Agrazahn. The Province also has two small port towns, Port Harbor to the east, and Dresden Point to the north-west. The Desert Sultan is a large, corrupt man, with deep connections to the shady Merchant’s Guild, also based in Agrazahn.  The Merchant’s Guild runs the Great Bazaar and the hidden Black Market.