Towns & Villages

Loguetown – Village of Thieves

  • Loguetown

Loguetown is a small hidden village that is home to the Thieves Guild.  Hidden in a natural crater-like formation in the sand dunes, it is practically invisible from all approaches.  Loguetown is run by the Thieves Guild from their hideout here.

Loguetown can be traveled to via a hidden boat route in Southron.  It is located a long the South Sea, a bit west from Southron.

Plunder Cove – Village of Pirates

  • Plunder Cove

Plunder Cove is a small pirate town on the norther sea, built into a natural cove in some high hills.  It is well protected from both land and sea.  There is a small fort, a castle, and an inventor’s workshop located here.

Pirate Cove can be accessed by a boat route from Nikto, which is is down the coast to the South.

Fairy Forest

  • Gate to the Fairy Forest

The Fairy Forest is a secluded peninsula of forest located north of Valemont.  It only contains two structures, the Gate marking the edge of the Fairies territory, and the Great Fairy Fountain where the Great Fairy can be summoned.

This location is completely inspired by the Great Fairy Fountains from the Legend of Zelda series.  I have made this forest the homeland of fairies in Alpha.