Fire Religion: Church of the Creator

  • Headquarters: Cathedral of Light, Imperial City
  • Leader: Archbishop
  • Clergy: Priests
  • Religious Guilds: Brotherhood of the Lightless Flame, Sisters of the Divine Severity
  • Also known as: Creationism, Creationists

Creationism is the religion of the Wizards, and is the largest, most wide-spread. It consists of the worship of “The Creator”, and its churches resemble your standard christian church.  Each church has an altar with the sacred flame.

  • Cathedral of Light, Imperial City

Air Religion: Zahnism

  • Headquarters: Great Temple Complex, Agrazahn
  • Leader: High Priestess
  • Clergy: Priestesses
  • Religious Guild: Kinship of the Stars
  • Also known as: Zahnists, Worshipers of Zahn

Zahnism is the worship of Zahn, the Sky God of the Ancients.  It is based in Agrazahn, which translates to “City of Zahn” from the ancient language.  It is located mainly in the Desert Province.

  • Great Temple of Zahn, Agrazahn

Water Religion: Disciples of Hyetal

  • Clergy: Elders

The Disciples of Hyetal worship the great Sea God, Hyetal. It is located in coastal areas, and is a favorite religion of sea captains.

  • Sanctum of Hyetal, Southron

Earth Religion: Followers of Desala

  • Also known as: Nomads

This is my earth-based religion, and it is different from the others. It has no central structure, and focuses more on the individual worship of nature, similar in a way to Druids.  There is no leader, and no clergy, and no churches or temples.  Followers worship on their own, and make pilgrimages to sacred sites. The Followers of Desala are more commonly known as Nomads.

  • The Temple of Old, Woodbluff

Other Religions

Aside from the main four religions, we have several smaller ones as well.

  • Temple of Gothmog, Klaatu