Welcome to Minecraft: Alpha!

Alpha is a medieval / fantasy world built in creative mode, starting back in April of 2012.

What started as a simple castle on the day I purchased Minecraft, has grown into several Kingdoms and City-States, an ever-expanding Empire, and multiple continents. There are even several other people who occasionally spend time building in the world.  I chose the name Alpha as it was the very first world I created.  I’ve tried to give it a better name over the years, but nothing ever sticks.

This website was created to showcase some of the locations in the world. Above is a comparison of my main castle on day one, and as it looks in December 2021.

Would you like to see what I’m currently working on?  Check out the Recent Posts in Minecraft on my blog!

The server is run privately, and is currently running PaperMC.  We plan on updating to 1.18.1 soon and starting a brand new survival world!

ALPHA: The Known World