Other Worlds

Alpha is only the original world.  Since its inception, I have expanded my private server to include multiple other worlds, all using the Multiverse family of plugins.

Woods Between the Worlds

The Woods is the main hub of the server. It is highly inspired by the Woods of the same name from Narnia, and the Neitherlands from The Magicians. It is a large forest that has portals to all the other worlds on the server, along with a facility underground that has information about the server.  The facility contains the information temple from the old Nexus, as well as the Hall of Never Again, and the new Hall of Knowledge.

Beta: Alpha’s Expansion World

  • Beta Courtyard

Beta is an amplified that we created as an expansion world to Alpha.  The world had to be created in single player and then imported, as the server doesn’t have the capability to generate amplified worlds.  This meant the world size is very limited, and if we explore out further it goes to normal generation.  At the time of its creation, everyone on the server went there and built an epic location with the super-tall mountains.

PotatoSwag: Survival World

PotatoSwag is a normal survival world created several years ago for use by my friend Lee and I.  We never did much with it, and it sat around gathering dust.  We resurrected it to use as a dry run in playing group survival prior to upgrading to 1.14 and creating Demonreach.  The original spawn point is the Cave of Horses, mostly abandoned now.  When we went back, we moved to a nearby village and centered ourselves there.

Redstone Test World

The Redstone test world is a flat creative world for the purpose of redstone testing, and archiving of our monstrous creations.


Demonreach: 1.14 Survival World

Demonreach is our newest survival world.  When 1.14 came out, we created a new world and started playing as a group.  We’ve completely overhauled an NPC Village as our homebase, and we all have sprawling bases of our own now. It is currently running 1.17.