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Cair Denbar was the first structure built in all of Alpha.  It began as a small, modest castle, but kept expanding as I needed more designated rooms for more purposes.  It quickly grew into a sprawling complex of buildings spanning three mountaintops.

The castle has gone through many changes, updates, overhauls, and expansions through the years.  Most of it has changed so much, its hard to even see any of the original castle.  Recently, an entire wing of the complex was leveled and expanded to accommodate the growing needs of the Emperor.  This saw the addition of the current Imperial Hall and a major expansion to the Throne Room.

The oldest section of the complex is the Royal Keep, where the Royal Family resides.  The recently overhauled section is known as the Imperial Palace.  The third portion sits atop its own mountaintop connected by a bridge – The Magekeep. More recently I constructed the Ravenry Tower on the final mountaintop of the complex.


Cair Denbar is the capitol of the Imperial Republic, and home to the Emperor and his court. The current emperor is His Imperial Majesty Sethen XI, Emperor of Denbar, King on High, Guardian of Magic, and Defender of the Flame.

The castle is enormous, and ever-expanding.  It is home to not only the Emperor and his extended family, but the entire court of people that run the empire. The complex contains room for every occasion, including a Dining Hall that seats 45, a Music Hall, the Grand Hall / Throne Room, a Grand Gallery, the Royal Dungeon, Royal Academy, and the Royal Healer.

There is a large courtyard, far below the castle.  Located here are the royal balcony, the Grotto, and the South Fort – headquarters of the Royal Guard.

Attached to Cair Denbar by a long bridge sits the Magekeep, the home of the Order of Wizards.  This is where wizards go to get their training and become card-holding wizards.  It is ruled by the Grand Wizard, and the Council of Wizards from the Iron Hall, located in the iron dome high atop the Magekeep.


North Gate: Royal Square
East Gate: Cathedral Square
West Gate: Outer City / West Square
East Landing: Airships to Draksp’ir, Tisroc Prison, & The Dreadfort
South Landing: Airships to Cair Dolan & Cair Pelagrir