• Freema


Freema was constructed to protect the small channel that connects the Sea of Denbar out to the ocean.  In the beginning I was quite mistaken and thought this sea WAS the ocean.  Freema is its only connection out to the sea.

Freema technically sits on the northern portion of the continent, but it has always belonged to the Central Province, not the Northern.  I am a big Doctor Who fan, and Freema is named after Freema Agyeman – the actress who played Martha Jones.


Freema was the second location settled by Denbar after Haven village. It is dense town on a small peninsula at the outlet of the Sea of Denbar.  The fortress here, Strand Citadel, is the home of the Imperial Navy.

The town is connected to Imperial City by a tunnel under the channel. This was done to allow boats passage into the Sea of Denbar.


Tunnel Gate: Road to Imperial City
City Gate: Road to Pelagrir
Freema Wharf: Boats to Port Harbor & Westron