The Deep

  • The Deep - City Gate


The Deep was my first fully-underground construction.  It is a large city built directly into the walls of two intersecting ravines, its floor a few blocks up from bedrock.  The floor itself is obsidian made from the lava that was originally there.

There are 10 levels in total from top to bottom, arranged in multiple levels with connecting bridges.  The city only has two entrances, the main gate at the bottom of a long tunnel, and the railway station that connects to Graycleft. The Skytower sits far above the city.


The Deep is a city founded by dwarves, deep underground as the name implies.  It is home to the Blacksmith’s Guild and the Great Forge.  All blacksmiths train here under the Dwarven Masters.

The city is home to dwarves and humans, as it has been part of the Denbarian Empire for many generations. Even though it is quite secluded underground, it has multiple air connections via its skytower, and even boasts a railway system to Graycleft, nearly half the continent away.  The railway has even been expanded to connect to Imperial City.


City Gate – North: Road to Imperial City & Woodbluff
City Gate – South: Road to Karnak
Railway Station of The Deep: Railway connecting to Imperial City, Depot, & Graycleft