• Woodbluff


Woodbluff was the fourth location I constructed.  I had built several locations of stone, and one of sandstone, so this was my first attempt at wooden buildings.  I chose this location high on a mountaintop in the jungle, and build forest huts in the trees.

Sadly, Woodbluff has a tragic history.  The current version is its second iteration.  The original Woodbluff was mostly destroyed when I let a friend have fun destroying a saved copy of my world.  Turned out I had backed up the world incorrectly and was stuck with the changes.  He went crazy with fire and lava destroying the poor place, and for a long time it had giant pillars of stone where the lava was put out with water.

I eventually came back and removed the lava and stone, and rebuilt some of the trees.  A good portion of the town was forever lost.


Woodbluff is a town inhabited by wood elves, that was originally its own kingdom, ruled by the Tree King.  During a great catastrophe, an evil sorcerer invaded and killed the Tree King.  The town joined the Empire when Denbar came to its rescue and vanquished the sorcerer.


West Road: Road to Agrazahn
East Road: Road to Imperial City & The Deep