• Pyramids & Agrazahn City


Agrazahn is the second location I ever built, after Cair Denbar.  It started as an epic outcropping of rock, and large natural cave along a winding river in the desert.  A temple was built atop the rock outcropping, and the cave was developed into the Great Bazaar and the Auction House.

It started as a small village with a large fortress build along a desert crossroads.  It grew quickly into a much larger city spanning both sides of the river. Being a major crossroads, it also gained a large skyport with connections to many far-away places.  The old fortress in the center of the city was redeveloped into the City Center, and two new fortresses were built along the outer city wall. Another expansion saw the addition of a massive coliseum and a brothel.  The latest expansion added a whole North Side to the city, complete with a new church and bath house.


Agrazahn was settled long ago, along some ancient crossroads in the desert.  It is the oldest city in Alpha, and its origins are shrouded in the ancient past.  It grew into a sprawling desert city and the trading center of the known world.  It connects the Imperial Republic to many locations around the world.

Agrazahn began as a city-state ruled by the Desert Sultan.  The Desert Sultan is a large, corrupt man with shady connections to the Merchants Guild.  The Merchants Guild is the powerful entity that runs the Great Bazaar and the Black Market.

The Agrazahn Skyport is the busiest skyport in the world, with connections to many far-away places.


North Gate: Road to Lumber Camp
West Gate: Road to Desert Crossing & Graycleft
East Gate: Borean Road to the Port Harbor & Borean Landing
South Gate: High Road to the Central Province – Woodbluff, The Deep, Imperial City
Agrazahn Skyport: Airships to Imperial City, Pelagrir, Southron, Draksp’ir, Karak Drakk, Tycon, Verata, Claytonia