• Zaldrin City


Zaldrin is one of my later locations, yet very close to Imperial City, as it sits across a small sea to the East.  It is built into an epic set of mountains that formed a natural “crater” in the center with only two small openings to get in around the steep cliff-like mountains.  I walled off the two entrances and built the city directly into the cliff walls of the crater.

Atop the largest section of mountain, I built one of my largest castles – The Dark Keep.  It is built entirely out of dark materials, including obsidian and netherbrick.


Zaldrin is the home of dark magic in Alpha.  It is also the home of Dark Elves, and is ruled by their king.  It has grown to be a center for the study of the darker sides of magic, and has even joined the Imperial Republic.

The Bard’s Guild and the Dark Magic Society are located here.  Located in a hidden chamber deep beneath the Dark Keep is an ancient wellspring of dark magic, which is the reason dark magic users have always been drawn to this location. The Dark Keep was originally constructed to hide and protect this wellspring.


Eastron Gate: Road to Eastron
Westron Gate: Road to Westron