Borean Landing

  • Borean Landing


Borean Landing was one of my greater fully-planned city projects.  The city was planned to have low buildings, many styles, and have a large footprint with an outer wall.  The natural geography was perfect – epic mountain in the middle, with a naturally defined half-circle border created by the river and the lake edge.

I centered the city around the large mountain, and decided not to build anything on it to preserve it.  I then built the city wall and filled it in.  The city’s unique feature is that it has no lord – no castle.  It was designed as a democratic city-state ruled by a council.


Borean Landing was settled around the Holy Mountain, after its discovery long ago by St. Clavin. He was traveling the world and had a vision of the Creator while camping in the natural cave in the mountainside.  The Church built next to the mountain is St. Clavin’s Church.

It eventually grew to be one of two powerful city-states in the North. They were both eventually courted by Denbar to join the Empire and became the North Province.


Bridge Gate: Road to Agrazahn
Neck Gate: Road to Cranefield
West Pier: Boats to Pyke & Karak Drakk
Borean Landing Skytower: Airships to Imperial City, Graycleft, and The Deep