• Pelagrir City


Pelagrir was built as an early expansion for Denbar. It was the first city I fully planned out before constructing.  It was designed to be a port city – both on the sea, and for the sky.  It has a large harbor, and a large skyport above on the mountaintop.  The wizards of Pelagrir are the ones who build the airships in my world.


Pelagrir was settled by a branch of the Denbarian Royal Family.  They built Cair Pelagrir on a peninsula south of the city.  It began as a city-state ruled by an arch-duke, but eventually joined the Empire along with Borean Landing as the North Province.  The Archduke became the Archduke of the North.

The wizards of Pelagrir were the ones to master the construction of airships.  They build the airships that are used around the Empire and the world for the travel network.


West Gate: Road to Freema & Cranefield
North Gate: Road to Gulchbottom
Pelagrir Skyport: Airships to Imperial City, Agrazahn, & Zaldrin