Free City of Klaatu

  • Free City of Klaatu


Klaatu is the first of my planned trilogy of “Free Cities”, all inspired by Game of Thrones. The three of them are an homage to the phrase “Klaatu, Verata, Nickto” from Army of Darkness.  Klaatu is built up on some steep cliffs above the sea, among some pretty tall mountains.  The first thing I constructed here was The Red Tower, a very imposing, tall tower that overlooks the entire area.  I had been looking for a location for a Mercenary’s Guild for several years, and this turned out to be the place.  I also created a whole new religion here, based on the worship of a great and legendary warrior.


Klaatu is a Free City that sits along the North Sea.  It is home to the Mercenary’s Guild, and the Brotherhood of Gothmog, a warrior-based religion.  The most distinct structure in the city is the Red Tower, home of the Mercenary’s Guild and the Grand Vizier.  The city is ruled by the Mercenary’s Guild.

This city is unique as it has its own religion that has spread nowhere else in the world.  They worship the great warrior Gothmog, the legendary founder of the Mercenary’s Guild and of Klaatu itself.  The Temple of Gothmog is located on the only hill in the city, and contains a large statue of Gothmog himself.  Beneath the temple is the Sacred Arena.


Klaatu Harbor: Boats to Pyke and Dresden Point