Free City of Nikto

  • Free City of Nikto


Nikto is the final installation of my “Free Cities”.  It sits along the Northern Sea with the other Free Cities.  I built it along a bay bordered by some mountains and a mushroom forest.  A large gold mine is built into the base of the mountain next to the stronghold.  The city also contains the Alchemists Guild and the Cobalt Bank, my version of the Iron Bank from Game of Thrones.


In the past, Nikto was a slave city ruled by a tyrant named Bastion. He built a large stronghold mine, and had many slaves to run the mine.  Over time, the slaves revolted and declared Nikto a free city.  Bastion’s Stronghold has been turned into the capitol of this city-state.  The free slaves founded the Cobalt Bank with the gold from the mine, and it continues to be the largest bank in Alpha.

Nikto is also home to the Alchemists Guild, located in a clearing just south of the city.  Their home is Snapehorn Academy, where apprentices learn to become master potion makers.


Nikto Harbor: Boat to Klaatu
East Nikto Harbor: Boat to Pyke
Nikto Skytower: Airship to Pelagrir