Free City of Pyke

  • Free City of Pyke


Pyke began as a tribute to Pyke Island from Game of Thrones. I’ve always loved the epic castle there, spread out along the little peaky bits of high land above the ocean. Well, my Pyke didn’t quite turn out the same.

I did end up building a nice Castle far up on the highest point of the rocky island.  I connected all the little islands together with docks and bridges, and carved a temple into the cliffside.  At one point, a friend gave me a hard time for the buildings I had at water level that were made of stone, yet supported by wood pylons.  I overhauled the buildings to go to the bottom, and installed some nice underwater apartments to make the city a bit denser.


Pyke is small island city-state in the North Sea.  It is ruled by the Sealord, and has become a major trading and shipping port.  The island is surrounded by 5 lighthouses, as it sits off in the middle of the north sea by itself.  It is home to the Great Fish Market, and the Fisherman’s Wharf, where you can find fish and seafood from all the different seas.

Pyke was invited to join the Imperial Republic along with its neighboring kingdoms, but was the only nation to decline the invitation.  The island is also one of only two places that worships Hyetal, a sea-god.  Unlike most cities, it has no airships and can only be traveled to by sea.


Harbor Point: Boats to Borean Landing, Zaldrin, Dresden Point, Klaatu