Free City of Verata

  • Free City of Verata


Verata is the second of my planned group of “Free Cities”. Three of them are an homage to the phrase “Klaatu, Verata, Nickto” from Army of Darkness.  Verata is my first location built in a Mesa Biome.  It is located along the edges of a large bay, surrounded by high mesa walls.


Verata is located along the North Sea, along with all the other Free Cities.  It was founded as a haven for anyone looking to get away in the world.  It is Alpha’s only true democracy, as it is ruled by an elected Grand Council.  The city is divided up into several districts, with building styles from a few different locations across the world.

At the center of Verata sits the Citadel of Healing, home of the Healers Guild.  This is the center for healing in Alpha, as there are only three other locations where the Healers have a presence in the world.  The city is also home to the Adventurers Guild, which sits high above on the edge of the mesa.


City Gate: Local Access
Verata Pier: Boats to Klaatu, Pyke
Verata Skytower: Airships to Agrazahn, Nikto