City of Tycon

  • City of Tycon


Tycon has been long planned as my second desert city.  The kingdom is a desert biome next to a large frozen continent.  It had three natural NPC villages that I included to round out the kingdom.  Tycon itself is built on an island at the edge of the desert. This made for a nice natural moat outside the city walls. The Sultan’s palace is built on its own island, connected to the city by a bridge. I tried to make this city very dense, with smaller houses.


The Sultanate of Tycon is a small desert kingdom ruled by the Sultan of Tycon.  The capital city of Tycon is a well-defended island city surrounded by a high wall and a natural moat.  The Sultan is worshiped as a sort-of “God-King” by his people.

Tycon is a very poor nation, and the city is very dense.  The Sultan’s Palace (The People’s Palace) is very lavish in comparison, with a large harem inside the golden dome.

The kingdom is also home to the Temple of the Sun and the Temple of the Moon.  The Temple of the Sun is located half-sunken in the sand in the desert, while the Temple of the Moon lies sunken under the ocean.