Morband: Planning Stages

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I sat down for the first time in a few months and did some Minecrafting tonight.  I’ve had several projects that were just mere concepts kicking around for a while, and I think I’ve settled on my next one.  Funny part is, its one of the newer ideas on the list, and it jumped ahead of at least three other projects I’ve been toying with for years.

My next project is Morband.  Its an island, castle, city-state, what-have-you in the south-eastern sea.  It will be a dark and evil place – think Mordor and Sauron from LOTR.  Alpha needs a center of evil, and this will be it!

I’m still working out all the details in my head, but so far I know its going to be a Mordor-esque island kingdom/castle.  It will be ruled by Alpha’s version of a Sauron-type evil (name still to be determined).  I’m thinking it will be home to orcs and trolls!

As is standard procedure with my naming schemes, Morband is another mash-up homage.  I combined Mordor with Angband (which was the home of Sauron’s master).  Yes, I’m a geek, and I’m an endless fountain useless LOTR knowledge.


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