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Agrazahn Updates

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After my updates in Imperial City, I moved on to Agrazahn.  I wanted to add a sky-scraper-esque building here, but was limited on height by the Skyport.  I managed to build a small sky-scraper for the headquarters of DESERTCO, my conglomerate “shady” business. Since I built them a new building, I could overhaul the largest... View Article

Barden Grand Hotel

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After I finished overhauling the Royal Bank, I moved across the street to the Barden Grand Hotel. The hotel was my first “grand” hotel, and it was built very, very long ago.  It was once one of the grander buildings in Imperial City, but not for a long time now.  I decided it needed to... View Article

Royal Bank of Denbar

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The Royal Bank of Denbar is the headquarters of the banking system in my Empire, and it was one of the older buildings in Imperial City.  It was time for an upgrade! A while back, I was inspired by some “medieval skyscrapers” that Clay had built in his city.  I took the inspiration and ran... View Article

Map of Imperial City

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I added informational markers to my detailed map of Imperial City.  Its my favorite map, as it hangs outside my Throne Room in Cair Denbar. Sadly though, just as I was finishing, I mis-clicked and destroyed the center map. I didn’t have a copy on myself, so I need to recreate it now.  Unfortunately, it... View Article