Mostly Successful 1.13 Test

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I ran a new test with Spigot 1.13.2 on my server today.  Last time we ran a test on upgrading to 1.13, it didn’t go so hot. World ran slow as molasses, and half the plugins nuked themselves.

I waited through 1.13.1, and decided it was time to test again.  The world actually loads and runs pretty good!  I don’t see too much difference from 1.12.2.  I did have one ancient plugin die, but I was only using it for two commands that we can live without.  DynMap even migrated over successfully!

The only major setback is WorldEdit.  There is no support for it with 1.13 yet that I can find.  I suppose we can survive without that for the time being.

I’m waiting to get some feed back from some other players before we decided if we’re ready to fully update 🙂

I also finally got to place fish in my fish tank!!!  I built it in Cair Denbar back in March, and its sat there empty ever since.  I threw some things in just so I could have a picture to go with this post.


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