Agrazahn Updates

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After my updates in Imperial City, I moved on to Agrazahn.  I wanted to add a sky-scraper-esque building here, but was limited on height by the Skyport.  I managed to build a small sky-scraper for the headquarters of DESERTCO, my conglomerate “shady” business.

Since I built them a new building, I could overhaul the largest block in the City Center.  It housed their old headquarters in a complex of 4 inter-connected buildings that had 3 shops as well.  I leveled the entire block and built one large 3 story block on the spot. It has the shops on the first floor, and added a bunch of nice apartments to the city.

I also leveled and overhauled the Oasis Grand Hotel, as it was not looking very “grand” anymore.  The new building is much taller and grander!

Overall, I’m very happy with these updates.  The downtown area feels more dense now with the larger building, and hotel actually feels grand.

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