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Map of Imperial City

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I added informational markers to my detailed map of Imperial City.  Its my favorite map, as it hangs outside my Throne Room in Cair Denbar. Sadly though, just as I was finishing, I mis-clicked and destroyed the center map. I didn’t have a copy on myself, so I need to recreate it now.  Unfortunately, it... View Article

Got Me Some Tegridy

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I finished up with Tegridy Farms tonight, even streamed for a few hours on Twitch.  Tegridy is my most comprehensive farm yet – it covers every edible thing you can grow or farm in the game. The last part I had left was the farm house, and I think out-did myself. It is pretty impressive.... View Article

Tegridy Farms

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This season on South Park, Stan’s family moves to a farm, and I love the name that Randy chose.  Since Randy is an idiot, he says “integrity” as “tegridy” – and aptly named his farm as such. I’ve been meaning to add a set of farms in the Central Province for SOME time now, so... View Article